Bookmaking and Nature Journaling
Rescheduled to October 29, 11–4pm, Johnson Creek City Park
Ages 12+

This course will be an introduction to the art of bookmaking and binding with a focus on the history of nature journals. Starting with the basics of pamphlet style binding and leporello accordion bookmaking, you will learn different ways of folding paper, making book covers, binding and cover decoration. After our books are created we will use them to explore the different ways of collecting natural information and experiences around the Johnson Creek, with activities led by artist Erika Dedini. We will also learn about a few common plant and animal species around the Creek and different ways of documenting them. We will have hot tea to keep you warm, some snacks and tents in case of rain. Please layer based on the weather and see you on the 29th!

Taught by Lauren Moran
Lauren Moran is currently working towards and MFA in Art and Social Practice at Portland State University while creating interdisciplinary projects that often involve conversation, publication, collaboration, printmaking or curation. The work aims to experiment with the systems we are all embedded in by creating situations of connection, openness, questioning and non-hierarchical learning. This past year Lauren was the Artist in Residence at Project Grow and the PSU Campus Rec Center. She was previously located in Tucson, Arizona where she helped establish the Tucson Community Print Shop, curated programming at Tiny Town Gallery, taught art and developed a gallery program through ArtWorks at the University of Arizona.


During the class we will create books about the plant and animal species around the Johnson Creek which we will publish and make available for download on the Creek College website.

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