bar·ter (bärdər)
1. Exchange (goods or services) for other goods
or services without using money.

The Creek College originated in the form of a question; how can we, as artists, make the broadest impact in aiding restoration efforts? We began to ask; can a poem benefit a creek? In what ways can sound, dance, sculpture, design, and other art practices bring attention to creek restoration? 

The college acts as a terminal, allowing dozens of participatory, visual, and social projects related to the creek to flow through. The creek site will allow participants the opportunity to experience the natural setting as a classroom. They will naturally engage with the creek’s offerings, developing a relationship with an incredible environment that is even perhaps their own backyard. Our classes have been developed to be accessible to a wide range of participants of different backgrounds, ages, and interests—more than simply an art or restoration project, the college brings the community together on many levels.  

Our approach includes empowering participants to guide the growth and direction of Creek College; to encourage new ideas for creative sustainability models within our school as well as each neighborhood. Our inspiration comes from a shared vision with other art education and conservation programs; teaching students new skills, inspiring them to keep learning and connecting with nature, and encouraging creative fulfilment and innovation.