Rescheduled to October 23, 12–5pm, Johnson Creek City Park
Ages 12+

For Terre-Travaux, participants will explore earth materials — clay (a soft, pliable, sedimentary material) and plaster (a soft mixture of gypsum) to create a one of a kind Bas-Relief. Bas-Relief is a method of sculpting that is closest to drawing. It is a shallow three-dimensional composition created on a flat surface. We will study the Johnson Creek local flora and fauna and draft our concepts through sketches. From our sketches, we will sculpt clay using a subtractive and additive method to create a mold. Once the clay is sculpted, we will create a plaster bas-relief from the clay to bring our concepts to fruition. We will have hot tea to keep you warm, some snacks and tents in case of rain. Please layer based on the weather and see you this weekend!

Taught by Midori Hirose
Midori Hirose is an Oregon native interdisciplinary artist, performer and educator. In alchemy, materials transform from base metals to precious ones. Hirose’s work investigates similar phase shifts, exploring material changes, both perceived and actual. The dichotomy between the built and natural world are formal dynamics that Hirose seeks to express and understand through the interactions of materials. Hirose calls her relationship to this history “material storytelling”. She sees her media as dimensional illustrations of these investigations. Hirose’s works have been exhibited in Interior Margins at Lumber Room, PDX Contemporary Art Gallery and the Portland2016 Biennial. Her work has also been included in Weirding and Uncanny at the Newberg Gallery in Glasgow, Scotland; and East/West GalleryHomeland in Berlin, Germany.


Clean the Creek! We will do a session of garbage removal together during class. 



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