How To Play By The Creek
Saturday, October 22nd, 10am–3pm, Johnson Creek City Park
Ages 5+ (ages 5-9 must be accompanied by an adult)

I never played by a creek as a child, mostly because I come from a congested metropolis once ranked the most emotionless society in the world, and where nature is largely curated. I do know that creeks are magical sites. They are secret corners, housing thriving ecosystems, providing a place of rest and contemplation. I wish I had a creek as a child.

How To Play By The Creek is a collaborative session that invites members of the public, regardless of age, to fulfill that fantasy together at Johnson Creek. Wildlife and historical facts about Johnson Creek will be discussed, after which everyone shares, via prompts, childhood stories and fantasies. Then, they each invent a creek persona – be it animal, insect, magical creature, or a combination. Together we will spend meditative time making costumes with secondhand materials and art supplies, while listening to the creek’s sounds. Participants will also be asked to find their own special spot at the creek and think of a little performance that they can enact there (a short discussion on performance will be given beforehand). During this brainstorm time, participants will take turns to be photographed in costume at their special spot. To end off the session, the group will engage in a closing ritual where each person will perform a moment at their spot while the group migrates silently from one spot to another. The ritual will be filmed and edited into a video. Note: participants are asked to bring along three objects that remind them of their childhood and any old clothes they may want to turn into their costume. 

Some snacks will be provided but feel free to bring some to contribute!

Taught by Xi Jie Ng (Salty)
Xi Jie Ng creates intimate encounters for a noisy world. A sense of closeness characterises her works, which dance between the forms of film, performance, installation, social practice and writing. She has made and presented work in Singapore, USA, Finland and India. Last year, her first feature film Singapore Minstrel premiered at the 26th Singapore International Film Festival. From and based in Singapore, she invents little cosmic experiences for the real and imagined lives of humans. Come fall 2016, she will be pursuing an MFA in Art & Social Practice at Portland State University.


Share the edited final video and photos with family/friends, raising awareness about Johnson Creek and attend one event (be it a gathering/hangout with family/friends, a class in school or a work day) in your creek costume.


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