Columbia Slough Creek College.

Our second session of Creek College will take place this year along the Columbia Slough in Portland, Oregon. For this session we will be collaborating with NAYA (the Native American Youth and Family Center) and the Columbia Slough Watershed Council to produce 3, 1 day symposiums along the Slough—one in May, one in July and one in September. For each symposium we will have a series of classes and barters, along with a panel discussion in the afternoon that will vary in approach and location—the first a canoe conversation, the second a walking conversation, and the third a bike ride conversation—all taking place at different sites along the Slough. The panelists will range from a representative from NAYA and the Watershed Council, an artist, and an ecologist. There is also a publication component which will document and archive the diverse voices and experiences of the participants and panelists and include a score for future interaction with the site. 

Stay tuned as we'll be posting our spring classes and sign-ups in April!